Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And the winner is ...

My friend Steven Igarashi won the puppet show contest of last week's "Things to Do ..." list, and he attended the new show SOMETHING WICKED at the Center for Puppetry Arts last night. The show officially opens tonight, and it runs through October 29.

Thankfully, Steven was nice enough to share his thoughts on the show.

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a performance of the Center for Puppetry Arts' new adult-oriented show SOMETHING WICKED. Having not attended a showing at the Center in years, I did not know what to expect. However, the Center's website, with its promises of a show that would "seduce, repel, entrance, horrify and satisfy," definitely peaked my interested. Upon arriving, we were invited to visit the museum (A real treat for anyone. Who doesn't love the Muppets and Waylan Flowers' "Madame"?) After our museum tour and a quick stopover in the Wicked Lounge, we made our way to the theater. With tickets in hand, my friend and I ventured into the dark theater not knowing what to expect.

Immediately, I was impressed to find Vanessa Olivarez listed as a cast member. For those who don't recall, Vanessa was a second-season finalist on that little-known show AMERICAN IDOL. I knew immediately that we would be in for a treat with such a talented cast. The show incorporated many different elements, using film clips, live actors, musicians, special effects and the ubiquitous puppets. Though it definitely had a macabre tone, the show itself was not scary per se. Parts were actually very funny, and the whole audience relieved some nervousness with their giggles.

The actors were all quite good, and I was impressed with the production as a whole. I really enjoyed the use of mixed media. The music, film clips, live action and special effects all blended seamlessly. The show was over an hour and a half, and not once did I feel bored. Rather, I was engrossed in how the vignettes tied together and wanted to see how the story unfolded. At the end, I was a bit disappointed for it to be over; I left knowing that my new passion was for puppets and that I would soon be returning.

I highly encourage everyone to go out and see this great show. It makes for a fun evening out with friends, and would also be great for a date! The museum, show and lounge were all worth the low price of admission. If you go, I am sure that you will be impressed by the amazingly talented cast and the polite, helpful staff. So, I extend to you my invitation to see SOMETHING WICKED, no strings attached ... poor puppetry pun completely intended.

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