Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Culture club.

Since I've not written extensively on the blog in a while, I should give you a new look at the sort of pop culture intake I've been doing lately, so those of you who look to me for salesman-like recommendations can update your shopping lists.

Author Marilynne Robinson, an instructor at the Iowa Writer's Workshop, is coming to the Margaret Mitchell House in March to sign her latest book, Gilead, and I'm really excited about it. "Housekeeping" was released 22 years ago, and it deals with two girls raised by eccentric relatives, and I've had customers in my store who raved about it.

I never watched "Murder One" when it first came on the air in, I think, 1995, but I heard a lot about the premise of following one murder mystery throughout an entire season. Getting it on DVD, I found that the regular cast features the great Patricia Clarkson, Dylan Baker and, most notably, Stanley Tucci. It's a bit dated now, though it was influential at the time, and the mystery still works. I recommend it.

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