Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"What kind of creature wants you to eat it?"

I just got back from SLITHER, and, yes, it was sick, gross, disgusting, over-the-top and occasionally scary. Even dogs and cute children aren't safe in it. But it was, also, absolutely fucking hilarious.

It takes a moment for it to get started (as smalltown cops guess how fast a bird flies), but, once it gets started, the movie absolutely rules.

Expect me to quote it for the remainder of my life.

To explain that one character is a lesbian, a cop says, "Margaret packs a box lunch."

Looking upon a valley full of gutted dogs and mutilated cows, another cop pontificates, "I'm guessing this guy don't have one of those Puppy-a-Day calendars on his desk. I mean, I'm just sayin', it don't look like he's an animal lover."

Anyway, I want to see it again this weekend. Someone, anyone please come with me. This shit is more fun than mocking Britney Spears in CROSSROADS.

It has nudity (including a scene featuring an incredibly obese man having an encounter with an alien that has to be seen to be ... properly digested), extreme gore (including a scene where a woman gives birth to alien worms, sorta), the genius Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Fillion.

SLITHER rocked. Fuckin' great. Potential cult classic.

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