Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Deborah Norville looks pissed today.

My father often uses the term "shit-eating grin." I thought about that while watching INSIDE EDITION a few minutes ago.

The show's host, Deborah Norville, fired from NBC's TODAY after taking Jane Pauley's place, was forced to report about her replacement Katie Couric's historic ascent to the anchor chair of CBS EVENING NEWS.

Yeah, Deborah's a professional (and a fellow UGA alum), but I could see through that smile.

In her head, Norville was probably thinking, "Shoulda been me ... shoulda been me ... Instead, I'm on this tabloid show ... I hate you, Katie Couric, you bitch!!!"

Frankly, I think the Couric move is kinda great. Still, since Elizabeth Vargas hasn't co-anchored ABC's news program in months, does that sorta kinda make her the first female anchor of a network's evening newscast?

Ah well. I've seen Katie Couric yell at Ann Coulter on TV before, so I'll be tuning in.

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