Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mental note.

Write about the Saturday you just had later, once you've wrapped your head around it:

* Saw midnight movie, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, with Roger from the bookstore. Decent movie.

* Slept late, delaying lunch with brother Dan. Eventually met up with him and his pregnant wife at Ruby Tuesday. After trip to salad bar, began to explain to Dan how our stepbrother molested me when we were teens. Dan was very good about listening to me, told me that I needed to do whatever I felt was right and that, if telling him was the thing to do, then so be it. I kept asking if I was being stupid, unsure of how exactly to talk about this at all, let alone at a Ruby Tuesday. Dan called me "different." At one point, Dan made a very insightful analogy to golf. MUST REMEMBER DIALOGUE.

* Spent day with dad, Dan, other family at campground. Saw Dad's Airstream for the first time. Cousins were visiting from Montana. Didn't really participate much in conversation. Too busy thinking.

* Opera Guy from bookstore called me up, told me he'd broken up with his boyfriend, told me he was going bowling in Chamblee. Since I was driving from Lake Lanier, I joined he and his friends bowling. He's very flamboyant. His friends were a batch of 23-year-old heteros. At one point, Opera Guy grabbed his straight friend's ass while the friend bowled, but Opera Guy was traveling at such a velocity that he grabbed the ass, then tripped, then fell into the adjoining lane, then slid partway down the lane, then couldn't stop laughing long enough to stand up. Opera Guy is kinda cool.

* Opera Guy's friends typed my name into the bowling alley scoreboard as "BENCH."

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