Monday, March 06, 2006

Tie a giant green ribbon.

My 12:30 a.m. post-Oscar chat with Steven Igarashi

Steven: Yep
I saw NIGHT WATCH today
me: Rather than watch the OSCARS???
Steven: No!
I saw those too
I went to the movies in the afternoon
me: CRASH won, just like Lupo said.
Steven: I know
I was a bit disappointed
me: He and I tied in my online contest.
What did you want to win?
Steven: Gays just can't catch a break....LMAO
BROKEBACK, of course
me: Since Lupo got Picture, I figure he broke our tie and won.
Steven: I still need to see CAPOTE
It's still at the Tara
me: Reese Witherspoon, I thought, gave the night's best speech.
Steven: I agree
Who'd you think looked the best?
me: The most unintentionally hilarious moment occurred during the CRASH song's dance number with the burning car and the slo-mo people of all races reacting in horror. I wanted to be "Hispanic holding a baby" or "sad Asian man."
Steven: That was pretty funny
I can't believe 3 6 Mafia won the Oscar
me: The gigantic bow on Charlize's dress looked like the sort of thing you'd put on a brand new car.
Steven: LOL
I loved it~
She was working full on Dynasty glam
I think Uma was my favorite dress though.
I wish Reese had worn a different color.
me: Best dress was maybe Felicity Huffman's, though she didn't have the boobs for it.
Steven: She looked washedout.
ICK! Felicity Huffman was like Chili's -
me: Uma looked good. I was so happy she didn't wear that swashbuckling pirate garb again.
Steven: All about the RIBS!
I thought Rachel Weisz looked good, too
And loved Jennifer Aniston....
me: Rachel Weisz looked really good. Jennifer Aniston looked good.
Steven: I wish there were more colored gowns...too many goldtones and neutrals
me: I wasn't hot for Michelle Williams' orange thing.
Steven: Gross
Michelle Williams looked like a creamsicle
me: I was totally hot for both Jake Gyllenhaal and George Clooney. I wanted to throw down George Clooney and make a baby. He looked like Cary Grant.
Steven: He did look excellent
I wish Jake G had been more cleanshaven
It's a formal event, you know?
me: Oh, and when he had his hair mussed during the opening bit in bed with Jon Stewart, George twas yummy.
Steven: What was up with Meryl Streep?
Put the girls away!
me: Yeah, but it's a formal event with Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Scruff was acceptable this year.
Steven: I think Paul Giamatti is adorable
Lily Tomlin totally stole it.
me: The choreographed pimps-and-hos dance number stole it. Did Debbie Allen do that? Also good were the campaign ads.

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