Monday, August 13, 2007

Moment from my unfinished play.

OK, so I've been working somewhat on this romantic comedy idea I had a long time ago, thinking that maybe I could mix some of my old self-indulgent blog entries about my personal life with my newfound experiences in actual comedy theat-AH.

The only thing I feel really comfortable sharing at this point - to show some people that I do have something from this project - is the sort of break-up speech I wish I could've actually delivered to someone.

But, for anyone who has difficulty imagining me as a romantic hero, I set the scene below with someone else in mind. For someone who doesn't think I can be romantic, well, you're mistaken.

Anyway, to set the scene, first picture a young woman seeing for the first time that dream man she's always wanted. Picture their years of sitcom-like flirting, avoiding their attraction. (Actually, picture everything about this as sitcom-like, for that's part of the idea.) Picture their fights. Picture their banter. Picture her at the moment where she finally hooks up with him, the great season-cliffhanger moment.

Now, see her at this moment shortly afterward where she realizes that he'll never be the man she needs him to be and dares to say so.

"Don't make me feel guilty for wanting something more than this. That doesn't make me too crazy or too intense or too ... anything. I'm just hoping for a future where we're both less foolish or scared and actually get to enjoy one another.

I don't just want a night with you. Sex, for me, was not the big payoff of all this flirting. The payoff for me was that you'd finally consider me. That was what I wanted from you.

I don't want to fight or see other people or wait until we're 50 before you suddenly fucking realize that I'm the one you want. That's not good enough for me.

I love you. And you know me enough to know what sort of love I deserve.

I offered you that. And you told me that you'd rather waste more time, that you'd rather fool around, that you'd rather keep our relationship ... vague ... while you explored the possibilities with someone else, someone less intense, someone too flaky to actually admit that they wanted something.

I offered you me.

I offered you me, but you would rather waste more time."

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