Monday, April 04, 2005

Elsewhere on Earth ...

Reports from Lupo and Miss Gibson suggest that their meeting at the Tate Modern in London went exceedingly well. Lupo apparently presented Miss Gibson with some Butterfinger bars from "me" to give her some of her favorite American treats, which she cannot find in London.

Shortly after arriving at my office today, I got this e-mail from her:

loved the butterfingers - you're very sweet to remember. as for Lupo -
well he's just fab, isn't he?? what a sweetie

The weather was dreary, but Lupo says he still got to look out over St. Paul's Cathedral.

Lupo wrote in an e-mail:

Glad the wedding went well...I'll have emo at my wedding, so we can dance then.

Carrie is so lovely & smart -- thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon. Someday we'll
all hang out together, which will no doubt be a fantastic time. I'm looking
forward to it.

At the conference, a guy who wrote a paper on Stifler quoted me in his
presentation. It's very strange to hear your name like that (and he said
Jonathan, which made it even more odd).

I'm going to see 'The Mousetrap' tonight and then heading home tomorrow am.

It's funny how, before today, they only knew each other through my blog.

The three of us need to hang out sometime, whenever we can tie together our individual ends of the earth.

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