Monday, November 07, 2005

I dream of Goonie.

Last night, for some reason, I dreamed that I was shopping alongside Martha Plimpton in a grocery store, and we were discussing my career as a child actor. For some reason, I was convinced, in my dream, that I played Kenny Rogers' son in SIX PACK - a film that really was filmed in my hometown - but that my work was overshadowed by the larger role portrayed by Diane Lane in that movie.

As a result, I told Martha that I'd never been up for a part in THE GOONIES but that I appreciated her work in the film.

So then Martha Plimpton, as we passed by the lobster tank in the grocery store, told me that I probably could have used a stronger agent for child actors post-SIX PACK (which -- I repeat -- I was not actually in, but, in my dream logic, I'd played a part in SIX PACK).

Martha Plimpton said I could've played the Sean Astin part in GOONIES.

And I said to her, "Yeah, and I could've been a hobbit, too."

For some reason, I was flirting with Martha Plimpton in my dream, which is why this may have been the strangest dream ever. I mean, honestly, why would I flirt with a) a girl; and b) Martha Plimpton?

Then, she and her small, blond son (whom I don't know actually exists) took me to this large mansion, presumably Martha Plimpton's (though I doubt she lives in a mansion, unless she's got some PARENTHOOD royalties).

So then I told Martha Plimpton that I had an idea for a kid's movie where a child's mother would be transformed into a fire-breathing dragon.

And then, in my dream, Martha Plimpton literally turned into a giant fire-breathing dragon, except her skin wasn't reptilian. It felt like a Nerf ball, actually. Martha Plimpton was a very pretty dragon in my dream.

But the Martha Plimpton dragon kept growing and growing, and eventually her son, the dragon and I were getting crushed against the walls of her mansion (which looked like the mansion in the TOMB RAIDER movies, actually).

So then Martha Plimpton, as a dragon, asked me what was supposed to happen next in the movie. And I told her that the little boy and I were supposed to grab onto her neck, and she was supposed to crash through the roof of the mansion.

So I wrapped my arms around Martha Plimpton's dragon neck, and her son did the same. Then, Martha Plimpton blew fire breath toward the roof of her mansion, and it exploded. And the Martha Plimpton dragon flew through the roof of the house.

Then, my alarm clock went off. And I hit the snooze button and thought more about Martha Plimpton.

And I ended up in a variation on my same dream, except now Martha Plimpton wasn't a dragon. And she and I were alone in her mansion (which now had a roof on it), and we were discussing George Plimpton, who I thought might be her uncle. (In reality, he's not. Turns out Martha's a Carradine.)

Then, for some reason, we re-enacted what would be an interview between George Plimpton and Truman Capote. Except Martha was dressed in drag in a dark suit as George Plimpton, and I was dressed like Truman Capote. The backdrop at the television studio where we conducted the interview was very, very '60s.

And then my alarm clock went off again, and I woke up.

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